Back in the workshop.

Ive been working on prototypes for new SkirtWork’s projects and I am excited to get some online.

2013-05-07 10.48.06

They say once you become a mom everything becomes about the baby, and boy is it ever true. Most of what I am working on is manifesting itself into an entire line of upcycled baby fun stuff that I will be calling “Baby Awesome” in honor of my son’s middle name. I’m sticking with tshirts but adding into the mix some flannels and “softy” fabrics new and found.

Be on the look out for hats, blankets, wraps, swaddlers and lovies. (I didn’t know what 1/2 these things were until I couldn’t live without them.)

2013-05-07 10.56.34
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Skirt Works is back in business.

Looks like I haven’t posted in oh say 9 months. Well I was making a baby and now that he’s hatched I can get back to sewing. It’s been a long year, opened a restaurant, grew a human. I’ve mentioned before I don’t do well in stasis. 

That said this baby making has me whipping up a bunch of new designs and given me the time to work on my passions other than cooking. 

Look out for new posts to come. 


TUTORIAL: reusable grocery bag

In honor of the plastic bag ban, this little project can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

This weekend I got to demo at the Urban Craft Uprising here in Seattle. I had some great turn out and everyone who attended left with a new reuse grocery bag. It was really fun interacting with people of different skills levels. I am always interested in how people react to being creative. Some people really want clearly defined instruction, some people don’t want to hear any instruction and will take off on their own easily. I always try to tell people to think less about it being perfect and focus more on the creation. Not always and easy task.

Anyway, we all had fun and my sewing machine escaped unscathed. So here is the tutorial for that demo. This is my first tutorial so please let me know if my directions are unclear, or you have any issues.

Some notes: This project works great with those thick cotton t shirts you get for participating in any number of social events. The less Lycra the better, so lower quality tee’s with less give work great.

At this point you don’t need to turn your shirt inside out if don’t mind your stitches showing at the bottom of your bag. If you want a little fancy fringe you can leave the extra fabric at the bottom of the shirt and cut vertical strips up from the bottom to the stitched bottom. That’s it.

Side note: As I was writing this post a Washington Environmental Volunteer came by with a petition to expand the ban on plastic bags to the entire state. Plastic bags are mistaken for food for sea-life when they make their way into the ocean. Last year a beached Grey Whale in Washington was found with a huge mass of plastic bags just hanging out in his stomach. So let’s do this for the Earth and do it for the whales!



Urban Craft Uprising!! This weekend!

I am a huge fan of craft fairs and Urban Craft Uprising is no exception, and this year I actually applied as a vendor (kind of a bucket list thing for me). I wasn’t accepted (this year), but looking at the line up it shows I have a lot to do for next year. BUT, imagine how excited I was when they approached me to do a demo during both days of the fair!!

Since whipping up a quick apron required more time than my demo permits I decided to do a little t-shirt recon. I’ve got a pile of tee’s a bunch of scissors, and we are gonna cut some stuff up!

We will be completing one very appropraite project in the hour.In honor of the July 1st plastic bag ban we are making t-shirt grocery bags!

A quick google search yields tons of online demos of varying difficulty and outcome and soon there will be one more. As soon as the crazy weekend is over I’ll post mine too.

I’ll be giving Demos:

Saturday 12 to 1pm      &     Sunday 3 to 4pm

Should be a fun time. See you there!

Skirt Work Gets a Little Press – Seattle Weekly Voracious

Mucho thanks to Seattle Weekly Voracious blog and Julienne Perry for writing up a great little article about Skirt Work Crafts.   It was great fun sitting down and chatting about something I love about as much as food.  I am very proud of the momentum I have created with this new little project. It’s bittersweet that I must silence the foot of my sewing machine and don another set of shoes. Kitchen clogs.  This month I am going back into the kitchen to help open Vessel, an extraordinary cocktail bar reopening in June.  I am proud to be leading the food program there and look forward to getting creative with food once again, but I am not going to lie, the thought of having less time for sewing is sad.

Ill post progress on the opening, and the menu as it progresses.